The Wainwright Prize Announces Featured Artist Jon Tremaine

The Wainwright Prize Announces Featured Artist Jon Tremaine

The Wainwright Prize is honoured to introduce its featured artist: Jon Tremaine. His bold and beautiful artwork encompasses everything we love about nature – that it’s not just about the overall scene in front you, it’s looking harder at the details behind it, from the insects crawling in the grass to the creatures hiding in the undergrowth.

Born in Cornwall and working as a professional artist, Jon’s love of nature has been inspired over the years through walking in the county’s wonderful wildlife habitats, beautiful coastal paths and inland waterways, that provide a wealth of species to observe and enjoy.

With multiple animal artworks in his repertoire, Jon draws upon the wonders of British wildlife and considers carefully what to include in each masterpiece: “I have a deep fascination for animals and nature. Creatures come in so many shapes and forms – I love their colours and how camouflage affords them to vanish into their environment. My choice of fauna and flora within the subject matter is directly related to the subject’s environment, habitat, dietary requirements and predators”.

Living in Cornwall, Jon is practically next-door neighbours with thousands of birds who visit the Hayle Estuary, a nature reserve rife with wildlife to draw inspiration from. You will find his studio at The Old Forge near Lelant (just outside of St Ives) – maybe you will be able to capture a glimpse of the artist in mid-creation.

We are truly grateful to be able to use Jon’s stunning pieces for this year’s Wainwright Prize – make sure to head over to his website and check out his social media also:
Twitter: @tremaineart
Instagram: @jontremaineart