Nature Writing


Much Ado About Mothing

A Year Intoxicated by Britain's Rare and Remarkable Moths

By James Lowen

Inspired by a revelatory encounter with a Poplar Hawk-moth, James Lowen embarks on year-long quest to see Britain’s rarest and most remarkable moths. From mountains to marshes, James explores Britain’s landscapes to coax these much-maligned creatures out from the cover of darkness and into the light.


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About James Lowen

James Lowen is an award-winning author specialising in travel and natural history, with two of his books receiving the accolade of Travel Guidebook of the Year. He also writes for publications such as The Telegraph, BBC Wildlife, Nature’s Home and The Countryman.

A childhood exploring the Yorkshire coast inspired a lifelong passion for all things natural. As a teenager James was stalked by a jaguar while surveying birds in South America. In his twenties, he interspersed advising the UK Government on environmental policy with intensively exploring the tropics. In his thirties, he guided ecotourists around the polar regions before returning to Britain to combine writing with raising his daughter. In his forties, having long disdained moths, the scales fell from his eyes and his life changed forever.

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