The Easternmost House by Juliet Blaxland

Juliet Blaxland lives on a crumbling cliff top on the east coast of Suffolk. The Easternmost House will soon crumble into the sea. This book describes a year living on the edge: a meditation on nature, on coastal erosion, on impermanence and on the changing seasons. It describes a life lived in close proximity to the natural world, and evokes the lived-in outdoors of the everyday: of the firewood forager, the improviser, the beachcomber…

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About the author

Juliet is an architect, writer, cartoonist and illustrator. She grew up in a remote part of Suffolk and now lives on the cliff edge of the easternmost part of England in a house known as the Easternmost House.
She is the author and illustrator of ten children’s books about a greyhound called Speedy, published by the Retired Greyhound Trust. Her cartoon series, Life in a Listed Building, was published monthly in the Prince of Wales’s architecture magazine Perspectives, and won a prize at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  The Crowood Press published Nimrod, a Cavalry Black, in 2015, and The House Pony: an ABC of Horsemanship, was published in 2018. She is also a prize-winning photographer.  She lives in Eastern Blavents, Suffolk.