Discover A. Wainwright’s definitive walking guides to the Lake District fells, now in two stunning editions

A. Wainwright’s definitive walking guides to the Lake District fells have been treasured by generations of walkers. After a holiday at the age of 23 kindled a life-long affair with the Lake District, Wainwright devoted every spare moment he had to researching and compiling his Pictorial Guides. He described these books as his ‘love letters’ to the Lakeland Fells.

These guides are now available in two stunning editions featuring Wainwright’s hand-drawn maps, ascent diagrams, ridge routes and summit views. Every page combines words and illustrations to present the routes in a way that is original, visually appealing and easy to follow.

For the explorer, the portable Walkers Editions have been fully revised and brought up to date, allowing walkers to follow in Wainwright’s footsteps up the 214 principal hills and mountains of the Lake District, describing the main routes of ascent from different starting points, as well as lesser-known variants, showing the summit viewpoint panoramas and the ridge routes that can be made to create longer walks.


The giftable Readers Editions have been faithfully reproduced from A. Wainwright’s original manuscript pages. These hardback editions are as enchanting and inspiring now as when they were written sixty years ago.

Both editions of the Wainwright guides are available to buy now from all good book retailers and online.