Working with Nature by Jeremy Purseglove

Wainwright Prize Writing on Global ConservationHow do we work with nature rather than against it, both harvesting and conserving? Working with Nature is the story of a lifetime of work, often in extreme environments, to harvest nature and protect it – in effect, gardening on a global scale.

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About the author

Wainwright Prize Writing on Global ConservationJeremy Purseglove was born in Africa and grew up in Singapore, Trinidad and Kent. Working as an environmentalist in the water industry, he helped pioneer a new approach to reducing floods which also preserved the beauty of rivers. This culminated in a TV series and influential book, Taming the Flood, first published in 1986 and revised in 2017. In 1989 he joined an engineering consultancy, where he worked around the world with engineers to promote practical development while enhancing wetlands, forests and flower-rich meadows. He now lives in Rutland, UK.