The Wainwright Prize


In the midst of a global pandemic, coupled with the ongoing climate crisis, the prize feels timelier than ever before, as we are all recognising the restorative role that nature plays, and the urgency with which we need to protect it. This year’s longlisted books emphasise how nature writing continues to blossom, both in UK and around the world.

UK Nature Writing


Vesper Flights
Helen MacDonald
The Stubborn Light of Things
Melissa Harrison
The Circling Sky
Neil Ansell
Skylarks with Rosie
Stephen Moss
Into The Tangled Bank
Lev Parikian
Birdsong in a Time of Silence
Steven Lovatt

Writing on Global Conservation


What If We Stopped Pretending?
Jonathan Franzen
The Reindeer Chronicles
Judith D. Schwartz
The New Climate War
Michael E. Mann
Riders On The Storm
Alastair McIntosh
Ice Rivers
Jemma Wadham
A World on the Wing
Scott Weidensaul