Nature Writing



Sea Bean

By Sally Huband

Sea Bean is a lyrical and evocative story of communion with nature on the stormy beaches of Shetland. When pregnancy triggers a chronic illness, Sally Huband begins beachcombing – a path that opens a world of ancient myths, fragile ecology, and deep human history. A path that brings her to herself again.


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About Sally Huband

Sally Huband was born in Bristol in 1974. A writer and naturalist, she received a Masters in Conservation from University College London and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. For her doctorate, she combined ecology and ethnography to research the butterflies of hay meadow habitats in the Romanian Carpathians. She is a recipient of a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award, and her work has been published in Antlers of Water and Archipelago – A Reader. Sally lives in the Shetland Islands with her daughter, son and husband. Sea Bean is her first book.

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