Life Changing by Helen Pilcher

Wainwright Prize Writing on Global ConservationLife Changing considers the many ways that we’ve shaped the DNA of the animal kingdom and so altered the fate of life on earth. In her post-natural history guide, Helen Pilcher invites us to meet key species that have been sculpted by humanity, as well as the researchers and conservationists who create and tend to these post-natural creations.

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About the author

Wainwright Prize Writing on Global ConservationHelen Pilcher is a tea-drinking, biscuit-nibbling science and comedy writer. She has a PhD in Cell Biology from London’s Institute of Psychiatry. A former reporter for Nature, she now specializes in biology, medicine and quirky off-the-wall science, and writes for outlets including New Scientist and BBC Focus. Unusually for a self-proclaimed geek, Helen also used to be a stand-up comedian before the arrival of children meant she couldn’t physically stay awake past 9pm. She now gigs from time to time, and lives in rural Warwickshire with her husband, three kids and besotted dog.