Getting to know Dorien Brouwers, The Wainwright Prize featured Artist and Illustrator for 2021

2021 Featured Artist: Dorien Brouwers

The Wainwright Prize is honoured to introduce its featured artist and illustrator: Dorien Brouwers.

Her fresh and fluid illustrations are composed to inject life into the prizes’ aesthetic through an evocative combination of colour, texture and rich palette of the world’s flora and fauna. She draws predominantly with watercolour, pen and ink developing a bright, vivid and distinctive style, rich in detail and expression. Each flick of Dorien’s brush is carefully chosen to enrich, inspire, encourage and entertain. She aims to create dynamic and detailed illustrations that carry readers through their journey as they turn each page.

Dorien grew up in the Netherlands, and moved to the UK when she was 21, where she trained as a graphic designer. She now lives in the countryside with her family, working as an illustrator and picture book author. Her extensive and ever-growing portfolio includes clients such as Hachette Book Group, Tate Modern, Pearson Education and the Prado Museum.

Dorien believes: “Inspiration surrounds us everywhere, all the time. The key is to keep your eyes and mind open“.

Having worked in beautiful South Africa, and travelled extensively (including to the Virunga Mountains, Rwanda to sit with the gorillas and to Bhutan to admire the Himalayas and its wild yaks), it comes as no surprise that the natural environment has highly influenced her creative work.

“Mother nature is the best designer and should be an inspiration to us all. It is wonderful to be using my creativity for a prize that encourages more people to love and protect our home”.

Dorien also produced all supporting illustrations for our point of sale material and across all social media. We are truly grateful to be able to use Dorien’s stunning artwork for this year’s Wainwright Prize, have you spotted a favourite yet?

Make sure you head over to her website and check out her social media:
Twitter: @DorienBrouwers
Instagram: @dorienillustrator

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